Thursday, September 5, 2013

Assisted Living Median Costs Are Up 4.55%

For 10 consecutive years Genworth Financial has surveyed long-term care service providers in 437 regions across the country.  Looking back at the past five years of survey results, the company discovered some emerging trends across the long-term care services.  Overall, the cost of care among facility-based providers has steadily increased.  However, assisted living and adult day health care have registered the highest increases. Assisted living costs have risen the most – 4.26 percent since 2008.

The average annual price for assisted living was $41,400 which is half the cost of care in a nursing facility, $83,950.  The three most expensive states for assisted living were Alaska ($72,000), New Jersey ($71,928), and Delaware ($66,396).  The three least costly states were Georgia ($32,430), Alabama ($31,200), and Missouri ($27,450).  Annual assisted living costs in most southeastern states were significantly less than the national average.

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