Monday, December 17, 2012

Improve Balance and Reduce Falls

The leading cause of injury in the elderly is falling. Many medical conditions can cause balance problems, and anyone experiencing problems with vertigo or dizziness should see their doctor to rule out any underlying illness. However, experts agree that problems with balance could very well be part of the aging process. EasyUndies are great for people with balance issues, because you don't have to lean over or balance on one foot to put them on like with regular underwear.
The results of clinical trials with seniors revealed that those who practiced tai chi exercise enjoyed improved motor skill and coordination. This is very true, not just for seniors, but for anyone with a disability. It is very important to stay active in any way you can. I remember my mom, even when she was confined to a wheelchair, would exercise her hands. She felt as long as she had upper body movement that exercise would help keep her MS from taking the use of her hands. And it is true. No matter what your limitations are, try to stay active in any capacity you can. It is not just good for you, but good for your mind.  
Consult your doctor before starting any exercise program, including tai chi.

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