Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dan Joseph: Painting a Path Through the Parkinson's Jungle

A wonderful story worth sharing. Dan came to look at life as the cup is half full instead of the cup is half empty. In my reading I felt Dan's story was worth passing on. We all have stuff in our lives. Some people choose to share and others keep it all bottled up inside.  You are not alone. Life touches us all. Some of us are touched early in life and some of us later. But what is important is what you do with it. Be strong! Try not to let it take away the person you are. Find a way to touch your inner strength and in return you will touch others. Dan found a way, painting. Find your way. It is not about how good you are at something. It is about trying. Keep moving forward. Keep living each and every day with the idea, " The cup is half full." Dan found that is the best medicine for what life brings your way.

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